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Hi!! My name is Stephanie, and I am the woman behind the lens. I am a Florida girl at heart but have lived most of my life in Knoxville, TN (and love it here!). I am a mom, a dog lover, a small business owner, a pianist, a clothes & shoes hoarder, and a big-time dreamer...

Much like Kanye West, I believe that I was put on this earth for a purpose. LOL. But unlike Kanye, rapping is not for me. I have always had a creative spirit & love finding ways to express myself. Photography is my passion, but I also play the piano, love to sing, dance like no one's watching, and would like to think that I have a way with words.

I am the epitome of an enneagram 7. If you're into the enneagram, you'll know that the 7 is the ENTHUSIAST! And I don't think I could describe myself with a better word. I am high energy *but also chill*. I am a goofball. Always laughing. Down for a good time---all the time. And I would love to be your personal cheerleader!

Some more things about me: I am obsessed with The Bachelor (yes, still....), Big Brother, & Survivor. I love podcasts (Chatty Broads is my current fave). I really enjoy listening to almost every type of music but will always be a Belieber. I have a love/hate relationship with Les Mills workouts. I watched a documentary one time about how meat causes cancer & 6 years later, I still don't eat it....but I can make a mean pot roast for the carnivores in my house. Haha. I play piano for a nursing home once a month & it makes my heart so happy every time.

If any of this resonates with you, hit me up via my contact page & let's chat!


Ronda & Austin

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"I had the pleasure of having Stephanie photograph my wedding last May and I couldn't be more pleased with her and her work! She is so sweet and accommodating and I would recommend her to anyone!"

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